Half term 25th – 29th October 2021, pupils return to school on Monday 1st November 2021.

Attendance and Punctuality


Lessons for Reception to Year 6 start at 9am and children are expected to be in class at this time and ready to start learning. The school gates open at 8.50am to allow 10 minutes for your children to get to class. Nursery children start at 9.15am.

If your child is late for school, they must report to the school office to ensure they are registered. If you bring your child to school you must come into the school and speak to a member of the office staff or sign in to explain why your child is late.

After School Late Procedures

School ends at 3.30pm and children must be collected at this time unless they are staying at afterschool provision. Being left at school at the end of the day can be distressing for a child, especially if it happens frequently.

If you know you are late to pick up your child you must contact the school and let us know. We understand that exceptional things happen on occasions, however it is your responsibility to ensure that you make alternative arrangement so that your child is collected from school at 3.30pm. If alternative arrangements are made please let the school office know. We will not let a child go home with any adults, unless you have informed the office to say that this is ok.

If you are late picking your child up from school you will be expected to give a reason and sign the late book.

If this happens on more than 3 occasions, and you are up to 15 minutes late each time, you will be issued with a £10 fine.

On any occasion you pick up your child at 3.45pm or later, you will be automatically issued with a £10 fine.

If there is a reason why you are unable to collect your child from school on time or are finding this difficult, please talk to the Headteacher or the Deputy Headteacher.

We very much appreciate your cooperation in this matter.


Attendance Information

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Application for Pupil Absence