Absence and Illness

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How to help your child have good attendance

Good attendance right from nursery will give your child the best start in life, and will help them to do well, be independent and successful.  Making sure that children attend school regularly is also a parent’s legal responsibility.

  • From starting at Nursery, teach your child the importance of good attendance and getting to school on time every day
  • Show an interest and ask about what they’re doing at school
  • Encourage them to take part in school activities
  • Encourage them to tell you about any problems they may have at school – let their teacher or headteacher know about anything serious
  • Don’t let them take time off school for minor ailments – particularly those which would not stop you from going to work

Time off

All appointments, including doctors and dentists appointments must be made outside of the school day unless it is an emergency appointment which the school will need to see proof of appointment. This will help to prevent disruption to your child’s education. Under normal circumstances you should not expect the school to agree to your child to any days out of school or going on holiday during term time.

If you need to request time off during term time you must put your request in writing to the Deputy Headteacher Ms McKelvey. (Please see form on the Attendance and Punctuality page.) Your letter must state clearly the reason why you’re requesting for your child to be out of school, the first date of absence and the date your child would be returning to school. This request will be reviewed  and a decision will be made based on each individual’s circumstances. Please submit requests as soon as you are aware that your child may need time out of school.

Unauthorised absences could result in legal action and you being fined up to £2,500.

More information about attendance can be found on the Hackney Education website.

Attendance information – Is your child in school today?

Absence Reporting Procedure

All parents/carers are asked to follow the following procedures to inform the school that your child will be absent:

  • Please contact the school office before 8.50am to explain your child’s absence.
  • This can be done by calling into the school office, telephoning or emailing.
  • Please tell us about the nature of the illness and the expected duration of the absence.
  • If the school is not informed of the absence, you will be called by the school office on the first day your child is off asking to explain the absence.
  • This may be followed up by a text if the school office is unable to contact you.
  • If we are unable to contact you ‘children missing in education’ procedures will be triggered. This may lead to a home visit or the school referring to other agencies eg Social Services or the police if no contact can be made.
  • Any unexplained absences will be recorded as 0 which means it is an unauthorised absence.
  • You must contact the school on each day of your child’s absence so we can accurately record the absences.