Parents, Teachers, Friends Association

What is the Parents, Teachers, Friends Association (PTFA)

The PTFA is a group of parents, school staff and friends who give time on a voluntary basis to organise fundraising activities for the school community. The members also act as a point of contact for other parents and carers, who may wish to raise concerns or put forward ideas to help improve the school and its environment.

The primary aim is to use the funds raised to provide ‘extras’ for the school. The parents of the school vote for yearly fundraising priorities and the school gives a ‘wish list’ of items they feel would benefit the children. For example,  Friends of St Mary’s have previously bought:

  • outdoor tables and benches
  • playground games and equipment
  • amplifier and music equipment
  • annual book bags for the EYFS classes.
  • weekly newspapers for KS2
  • year 6 school leavers keepsake gift.
  • trips to enhance the school curriculum.


How do I get involved?

We are desperately looking for volunteers to help revive and rejuvenate our PTFA!

If you think this is something you would like to get involved in  please speak to Ms Kennedy or Mrs McKelvey at the school office or gate for further information.

New committee members are always welcome to provide fresh ideas and enthusiasm.

New members can join at any time during the year and are welcome at any of the meeting