Our Curriculum

What is special about our curriculum?

Our curriculum has been designed with the school community to enable us to live out our mission of ‘St Mary’s…feeding the mind body and spirit so we can be the best we can be.’

Its purpose is to provide knowledge, skills, opportunities and experiences, support and guidance that prepare children for life. These are underpinned by our spiritual values of which we all aspire.

Our curriculum allows children to grow academically, spiritually, socially and physically so that they are prepared for life in modern Britain and the wider community, as global citizens. It is ambitious and far reaching so that all aspects of our children’s development are nurtured including spirituality and mental wellbeing. The chart below shows the key things that we want our curriculum to deliver.


How do we deliver our curriculum?

St Mary’s recognises everyone within its community as an individual and keeps the children at the heart of all we do. We pride ourselves on building relationships and how we tailor our support, communication and interventions to meet the needs of children and their families often going above and beyond to help in a variety of ways. This is what makes St Mary’s unique and a special place to learn, work and be a part of.

Quality First Teaching (QFT) is at the core of our teaching and learning and carefully planned differentiation, interventions or specific activities are there to supplement the QFT diet. Delivering such a broad and balanced curriculum is not an easy task; however, with a committed staff team and through carefully timetabled, planned and engaging tasks we are able to live out our mission statement.

Year 1 curriculum overview

Year 2 curriculum overview

Year 3 curriculum overview

Year 4 curriculum overview

Year 5 curriculum overview

Year 6 curriculum overview