Do you know what your child is looking at on the internet or mobile phone? Do you know how to keep them safe?

The internet and apps has changed all of our lives. However, as well as opening up lots of positive opportunities it also comes with its challenges.

There are many more things that we now need to be aware of. You might wonder what your child is doing while on their phone; you might wonder whether what they are doing is safe.

Do you know the age requirements for the online platforms your child is using?
















Please see the guides below, which are there to help parents understand more about e-safety.

‘Think you know’, the e safety website for parents and children.

Online gaming – An introduction for parents and carers

Screen Addiction – Parents Guide Snapchat – Parents Guide

WhatsApp – Parents Guide

There will be information in the newsletters regarding e safety workshops for parents, please see the newsletter section and orrespondance for these.