Religious Education


Religious Education (RE) is an integral part of the children’s education at St Mary’s.  In our teaching of RE, we are always striving for excellence, reflecting the school’s distinctive Christian character.

St Mary’s CE Primary School is a Voluntary Aided School and as such the management of Religious Education is a distinctive role of the Governors and Deputy Head Teacher.   The teaching of Religious Education at St Mary’s maintains a balanced approach between Learning about Religion (Attainment Target 1) and Learning from Religion (Attainment Target 2).   Our vision is to promote tolerance, understanding and respect for all religions.

Each week, every class is taught Religious Education for about one hour and will include critical reflections as a class and individually. This will facilitate a personal journey of faith, values and morality for each child.

In our daily worship time, Christian values are explored to demonstrate how children and adults can uphold these values in their lives, whether at school or in the wider community.

Throughout the R.E. curriculum, other religions and beliefs are studied, which include Judaism and Hinduism. The children will compare and contrast these beliefs against the core Christian values that St Mary’s upholds.

Collective Worship

At St Marys Church of England Primary School, the daily act of collective worship is viewed as an integral and important part of school life. Through this and in the general ethos of the school we seek to promote our mission statement, ‘through God’s love we strive to be the best we can be.’

It is a time where we come together to share our love of God based on promoting the Christian values which permeate the ethos of the school. As such, the contributions of staff, pupils, church clergy and other visitors are valued highly. We also actively seek to encourage the attitudes of awe, wonder and reflection.

Parental Rights of Withdrawal in a Voluntary Aided School.

As an inclusive school that respects each other’s similarities and differences we encourage full participation in RE and Collective Worship. However, where there are concerns we invite parents to discuss the benefits of reflection and teaching RE in today’s challenging world.

Parents still have the right to withdraw their children from Religious Education and collective worship. If this is something a parent wishes to do we ask that they speak to the Headteacher.

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St Mary’s SIAM’S Report November 2016