After School Provision

Breakfast club and afterschool club helps us fulfil our mission of ‘…feeding the mind, body and spirit so we can be the best we can be’. Many of our families need childcare support because they are working and other families want their children to participate in activities to support their social development and wellbeing.

We serve our community by offering childcare and activities from 8am until 5pm.

The cost of clubs is as follows:

Cost Food

Breakfast Club

8.00am  – 8.50am

£3.30 per session, per child A breakfast of cereal, toast and juice is provided. This is subject to change.

Afterschool Club

3.30pm – 5.00pm

£7.00 per session, per child Parents can provide their own healthy snack if they wish.


Maximum numbers in breakfast or after school club 14

This will be reviewed each term based on growing / decreasing interest and ratios.

Age Clubs are predominantly for children in Year 1 – 6, however if a Reception parent would like a place for their child this can be discussed with a member of SLT. The reason for this is to ensure we have a suitable ratio for the needs of the children attending.
Safeguarding A member of the Leadership Team will be available
First Aid At least one first aider on site
Late Pickup Fines will be applicable for any late pick – please see our Late Policy
Booking & Payment You will need to book and pay on Booking are on a first come first served basis.


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