Spirituality at St Mary’s

At St Mary’s  we describe Spirituality as ‘The ability to connect to ourselves, others and the world around us. This enables us to wonder, explore, reflect, love and grow so we can be the best we can be.’

We believe that it is essential to provide all children with a range of opportunities to help them grow spiritually; we weave this into all aspects of our school life.

Spirituality is important to us. We have our two spiritual spaces that pupils and staff use to reflect, be still and wonder. We also know that spiritual moments can happen at any time during the day and we seek to nurture and encourage these moments through living out our vision.

At St Mary’s we believe spirituality begins naturally through learning about the world and life around us. However, this needs to be nurtured and supported to ensure children are given opportunities and experiences to enable them to connect with life in all its fullness.

We all learn from these experiences as we begin to wonder about the world around us, asking and reflecting on the big questions of life.

Lastly, we want our pupils and staff to live out our vision, enabling us all to be the best that we can be.