Mission Statement and School Values

St Marys…. feeding the mind, body and spirit so we can be the best we can be.”

We foster everyone’s potential and hunger for learning by serving up a wonderful diet of generosity, sharing and a sense of belonging. We are here to serve our community and we welcome children from all faiths and none.

Sit around the table at St Mary’s and you will discover a warm welcome and a great community!

The Spiritual Values to which we aspire are:

Kindness:  in treating others as we would want to be treated ourselves.

Truth:  in the choices we make and in our dealings with family, friends, school and community.

Courage: to stand up for what is right, overcome our fears and aspire to make a positive change.

Hope:  about the future and know that tomorrow can be even better than today.

Love:  for ourselves and others, knowing that God loves us.