PGL October 2019



Everyone is busy doing archery and trapeze this morning. They are very tired after a busy but fun couple of days. Mayowa is having an extra special day celebrating his birthday! Year 6 will be heading back to school after lunch and hope to be back by 3.30 (traffic dependent). Please ensure there is an adult at school to collect your child. They will not be allowed to go home alone.


We all finally fell asleep last night after lots of sweets and running around! Getting up was not so easy this morning but Mrs McKelvey made sure we were wide awake by 7am. Breakfast was good with bacon, hash browns, cereals and toast. Our activities before lunch  were aeroball and vertical challenge which was extremely high and scary, but everyone had a go. Lunch next and then we are going to stock up on sweets and PGL stuff at the shop.


The children arrived hungry and very excited. They have yet to see their rooms as they have busy on the zip wire and challenge course, of which they thoroughly enjoyed.They are looking forward to dinner , settling into their rooms and then tonight’s activity of ‘ambush’ in the woods!