Parents Math’s Workshop

We recently held a parents math’s workshop, this is to provide support to parents when they are working with their child to support them with Maths.

The PA Maths programme aims to empower young people to achieve their potential, to use their knowledge of mathematical language to talk about their work and explain their findings and ultimately use their skills to make informed and responsible choices throughout their lives.

The PA Maths programme is not a scheme of work, it provides teachers with a framework for teaching the key objectives. It supports all children by being based on the concrete, pictorial and abstract model which benefits all children, particularly children who may have difficulties, because it moves gradually from actual objects (concrete) through to pictures (Pictorial) and then when the children are ready onto symbols (abstract).

Please see our maths section under curriculum, teaching and learning for further resources.

You can view the PA math’s calculation policy here PA Calculation Policy