Daily Supported Reading and Reading Recovery

Daily Supported Reading involves Year One children being given daily sustained reading opportunities in small groups of no more than six children. Each child in the programme receives a daily 25 minute reading lesson at their instructional level from a teacher, Teaching Assistant or trained adult.

Daily Supported Reading runs from 9:00 – 9:30 each morning and we welcome parents who would like to train to help us run this programme. If you can help please speak with Jude Dean, Reading Recovery Teacher.

Reading Recovery

For children in Year One who, despite good teaching and the Daily Supported Reading Programme, still struggle to learn to read and write, St Marys has invested in Reading Recovery.

Reading Recovery teachers are highly trained and specialised teachers who provide one to one lessons each day for up to twenty weeks to help these children catch up with their classmates.

Most children on the programme catch up within the twenty weeks allotted.