Year 5

Autumn 2 Year 5 curriculum information 2018

Year 5 Welcome letter Autumn 2018

October 2018

Black History week

During our Black History Week, the children took part in lessons and activities in relation to Black History Month. We have enjoyed workshops from the amazing dance days; and created some amazing art work . We finished the week off with an amazing celebration at International Evening, where parent kindly donated food and everyone came together to celebrate.


Religious Education

As part of our religious education, Dilly the Rector of St Mary’s church came and spoke to the class about Eucharistic Liturgy and they asked her questions they had prepared in a previous lesson. The children also did a presentation to the class about Liturgy.

September 2018

As part of our science learning, we have been learning about solar systems, we worked in groups to make models of the solar system.

Year 5 did a science investigation to find out what conditions plants need to grow in.




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