Year 3

Summer 2 Year 3 Curriculum Letter 2019

Summer 1 Year 3 Curriculum Information 2019

May 2019

On Thursday 9th May 2019, Year 3 visited the Natural History Museum in South Kensington as part of our Science topic ‘Animals including Humans’.

We took part in a work shop learning about the different teeth that mammals have depending on the diet they eat. We explored the ‘Blue Zone’ that was full of mammals including a blue whale the size of 2 double decker buses! We were very excited to see lots of fossils that the famous fossil hunter Mary Anning found in Lyme Regis. We had previously researched and written a biography of her life in our English lessons.

Spring 2 Year 3 Curriculum Information 2019

Spring 1 Year 3 curriculum information 2019


Year 3 welcome letter Autumn 2018

November 2018

Year 3 visited the British Museum on Tuesday 6th November 2018 to look at Ancient Egyptian artefacts. We had lots of fun discovering, exploring and learning new facts around our topic of  Temples, Tombs and Treasures. We saw different amulets, coffins, everyday objects, clothing and many more artefacts


September 2018

Can you guess what we want to be when we are older?

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