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WEEK 4: 22.01.18 – 26.01.18

australiaday2017Friday 26th January – Australia day celebration! In the afternoon we will celebrate the country I come from by making (and of course eating) food from Australia!




Week 3:  15.01.18 – 19.01.18

Another week done and dusted!
This week we welcomed another student to our class, Anastasia. We’re all so excited to have you as the newest member of our classroom family!

On Wednesday morning Miss Mosedale and myself (Miss Northcott) thought we would start the day off a little differently to how we normally do. Straight after I finished marking the role, this happened…







On Friday in TOPIC we learnt about soil. Miss Mosedale bought us in soil from her garden and we investigated what we thought it looked like, smelt like and felt like. Then we learnt about the different layers of soil underneath our feet – underground! After watching a video about soil we drew these fabulous diagrams…check out this one Kitty drew!

Soil work Friday 19th January













This week in PSHCE the students discussed what it means to be a kind and respectful class member. We also talked about how to set and achieve personal goals. We watched two clips made by an American child who goes by the name of Kid PresidentWe watched two of his videos to inspire us and get us thinking!

Look at the videos we watched in PSHCE!



We had our second weekly Dojo prize draw on Friday! Our lucky two winners for week two of this term are:

Johan and Kevelle


Week 3 winners



Weekly inspiration / quote:

This quote was chosen after listening to kid president and Wednesday’s pre learning dance party!

Week 2 quote (2)














Week 2:  8.01.18 – 12.01.18

Students have been working really hard this week to earn themselves ‘Dojo‘ points which at the end of every week they trade in for raffle tickets in our weekly Dojo prize draw! Students can earn Dojo points for numerous things each week such as, positive behaviour, being green (picking up rubbish, tidying our classroom without being asked), staying on task, honesty, including others, showing initiative around the classroom, being respectful and more!

Each week two students will be randomly selected (from a name selector) and win the chance to pick a prize out of the prize box.
These prizes include emoji bag tags, bouncy balls, note pads, key rings, pencils and more!


Our two lucky winners this week are:

Leahong and Rowan


Frist prize winning 2018 Leahong Prizes winner



Weekly inspiration / quote:

On Thursday we celebrated ‘Winnie the Pooh day!’. This event happens every year on the 18th of January as it is the birthday of  A A Milne, the man behind this wonderful character. That is why this weeks quote is one of his!

Week 2 quote - Thursday Winnie the Pooh day!







Week 1:   3.01.18 – 5.01.18

Welcome back sign

This week we welcomed a new student to our class, Kevelle. We’re all so excited to have a new member in our classroom family!
This year in year 3 we have a couple of staff changes. We welcome to year 3 in 2018 old and new staff!

Screenshot (4)



Weekly inspiration / quote:

Week 1 quote






Year 3 Autumn 2 Curriculum Information


‘Here is our latest times table video’

8 times table from ST Marys on Vimeo.



In English today we learnt about Authorial Intent. We participated in an Instructional Intelligence tactic called a Round Robin to collaboratively share ideas about why most fairy tales are set in forests. We then had a go at drawing conclusions about why Carol Ann Duffy may have chosen to set out text, The Lost Happy Endings, in a forest.



Today was Keeping Ourselves Safe Day. A police officer came in to speak to us about road safety and stranger danger. We all listened beautifully and learnt lots of strategies to keep ourselves safe.

Entry point 31.10.17

We walked up Church Street to the Garden Café and had a look at all of the beautiful plants in the shop. We bought two little pots of ivy and then came back to school and planted them in the planter boxes in the front playground. It was so much fun and we can’t wait to see them grow and fill the boxes!

Exit Point 17.10.17

After 7 intensive weeks of learning about Ancient Egypt we invited our grown-ups to the official opening of our Ancient Egyptian Exhibition opening. The curators and historians in Year 3 set the classroom up as a gallery and showed off all of our amazing learning from this half term. We even had the opportunity to scan the QR codes around our classroom so we could share interesting facts with our visitors!

Turtle Back  13.10.17

We used our outstanding reading skills to research Cleopatra individually. We then participated in a cooperative activity called a Turtle Back. We each had a turtle shell and we wrote two fascinating facts about Cleopatra on it. We then waddled around our classroom and shared our facts with our peers.


‘Here is our Three Times Table Song for you to singalong to”.

IMG_0292 from ST Marys on Vimeo.


On Monday Year 3 went to the British Museum. We participated in a workshop on the Rosetta Stone and we learnt all about hieroglyphics. We also saw lots of Egyptian artefacts and mummies. We had a lovely day!

 Entry point 15.09.17

On Friday Year 3 and 4 had our Entry Point for our new History topic Temples, Tombs and Treasures. We did lots of fun activities and are now really excited about this term’s learning!

Year 3 are learning our 4 Times Table! Can you sing with us to help you to remember it?

IMG_0959 from ST Marys on Vimeo.


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