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Summer 2 Year 1 Curriculum Letter 2019

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Summer 1 Year 1 Curriculum Information 2019

May 2019

We have been exploring poems through our focus text: Lila and the secret of rain by David Conway.

We explored pattern and repetition in poems and wrote our own ones.

Here are a few videos showcasing our final poems; In my village by Abbigail, Lucas, Jaden and Duke.

IMG_2879 from claire wood on Vimeo.

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Our topic this term for R.E was Judaism.

We visited the Walford road synagogue where we were able to explore the Jewish place of worship in more detail. The Rabbi of the synagogue showed us around the synagogue and we were also able to listen to him read  part of the Torah in Hebrew.



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Spring 2 Year 1 Curriculum Information 2019

Spring 1 Year 1 curriculum information 2019

February 2019

For D&T week, year one made a rotating fairground ride. We first had to research what fairground rides are and then decide on a ride that we all wanted to make. Then we had to design our ride with the colours and features that we wanted to include. After that we worked in small groups to make our merry-go-round. This part was challenging as we had to really think about what type of resources, materials and tools were best for our product. The final part of our project was to evaluate our final product. For this part, we reflected on what went well and what we would do differently next time.

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February 2019

Year 1 visited the science museum to learn more about their topic on animals. They took part in a workshop and met the most venomous fish and a new species of shark yet to be described by science, the class was able to get close-up with the exquisite Leafy Sea Dragon and the endangered Sea Lion.



January 2019

Year 1 took part in a drama workshop about global warming, we we used our imagination and became super hero’s, we had fun taking part in different activities and developed our team building skills and confidence.

Autumn 2 Year 1 curriculum information 2018

Year 1 Welcome letter Autumn 2018

November 2018

In our Topic lessons, we have been exploring the life of Christopher Columbus. Here is a movie trailer we made to highlight the key parts of Christopher Columbus’ expedition.

TOPIC MOVIE from ST Marys on Vimeo.


Year 1 were very fortunate to have some planting experts that came to teach us how to grow our very own herbs and fruits.

Miri, Kate and Kimone talked to us about all the things that plants need in order to grow and stay healthy. They then showed us how to carefully prepare the soil for some fun planting. We planted lots of different herbs and we cannot wait to see how well they grow in the coming weeks.

Thank you to the three lovely parents who took time out to help us with this planting project. We had such a great time!

Year 1 went to the British museum to take part in a Maths workshop.  We explored different 2D shapes, lines, patterns, colour and counting. We had the opportunity to explore the African gallery to hunt for all the shapes and patterns we learnt. We also handled examples of African beadwork and applied our numeracy skills to create our very own wristbands. We created beautiful wristbands with repeating patterns using 2D shapes and different types of lines.

October 2018

For International day, year 1 learnt how to do a traditional Polish polka dance.
Here is a video of us practicing our dance with Darren the dancer teacher.

Year 1 Video from ST Marys on Vimeo.



September 2018

We were very lucky to have a special visitor who spoke to us about her job as a vet. We learnt lots of new things!

Here are some of our pictures from aspirations day. Can you guess what we want to be when we are older?

September 2018

Our first visit to Stoke Newington library. We were very lucky to be able to choose our own books to bring back to class to enjoy. We also had a story read to us by one of the librarians. It was lots of fun! We can’t wait to go back!



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