Reception Curriculum Letter Summer Term 2018


Farm Trip

We visited the farm this week and seen lots of different animals, we seen bigs, sheeps, cows and chickens.

Reception Curriculum letter Spring 2018

Preparing for Christmas

We have begun preparing for Christmas and learning about the time of Advent.

Angel Gabrielle & Mary 

We read the story of when Mary was visited by an Angel Gabrielle. We made our own Angel’s.

DSCN8343 DSCN8346

We acted out the story using masks.


We discussed how Mary must have felt after being visited by an Angel. We made a puppet of Mary and drew her expression on her face. How do you think she was feeling?

ipad nov 119 ipad nov 101 ipad nov 104

The Story of Christmas

We have been learning about the Story of Christmas and why we celebrate Christmas today.

DSCN8477 DSCN8478 DSCN8479



We have enjoyed our new topic of Clothes so far this term. We especially enjoyed reading Alien’s love Underpants and tie-dying our own pants!


204 210 216DSCN8348                                                                                                                                                           

Pyjama Day!

We also had lots of fun during pyjama day. We described our pyjamas to our friends and we wrote about what they looked like.

065 068 069 072 075 077

Reception Autumn 2 Curriculum Information

We have been very busy settling into Reception!!



                                                                                                                                                             Aspirations Day!!!

DSCN8071                   DSCN8072


                                                                                                                                                      Meet the Reception Staff!!!











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