Design & Technology Week


Years 1 and 2 designed and made a model of a merry-go-round, fairground ride. We researched fairground rides and the different parts of a merry-go-round. Then we designed our ride with the colours and features that we wanted to include. After that we worked in small groups to make our merry-go-round. We cut out and attached a platform, centre pole and roof and then attached our own figures that we had designed. We attached everything to a motor, so that the carousel could spin. The final part of our project was to evaluate our product. For this part, we reflected on what went well and what we would do differently next time.

Years 3 and 4 have been designing and building their own lamps. Children designed their lamp with a clear purpose and thought about what part they wanted to light up. They looked at circuits to ensure their lamps would work. After this they constructed their lamps and evaluated their designs identifying what went well and what they could do differently next time.

Years 5 and 6 have been learning to design and construct a moving vehicle, driven by electricity. Children used various construction materials and components to build their car from scratch. They also learnt how to use motors within their models to propel their car. These cars where then tested and run to analyse how different aspects (wheel size, weight, length, width, and personalisation) affected the vehicles speed and direction.