A message from Ms Dean

Thank you so much for your thoughtful gifts, and lovely comments at the assembly for me on Monday. I have already put the painting up and will think of you all when I see it each day. It was a wonderful idea to have lunch outside, thank you to everyone for your hard work in getting it organised. Thank you too, for the beautiful card and gift from the parents.

From the moment I first arrived at St Mary’s in 2012 I knew it was the school I would love to stay at until I retired. There is such a warm atmosphere and sense of community.

The adults in this school, all the adults; Mrs O’Brien, Mrs Kennedy and Mrs Wood in the office, Mr Thompson, the Teachers and Teaching Assistants, the Kitchen staff and Cleaning staff all care and all work together. They all want to provide every opportunity for children to make the most of their time at St Mary’s. It has been a privilege to work with them.

As for the children, you have taught me so much, you have made me a much better teacher and I have been constantly in awe of your open

heartedness, your kindness and your willingness to take risks to improve.

I wish you all the best for the future and have no doubt you will continue to be brilliant.

Thank you and best wishes,

Ms Dean