World Kindness Day

St Mary’s will be celebrating World Kindness day on the 13th November, we are pleased to spread the word about what St Mary’s are doing to ‘make the world a better place’. Children volunteers from Year 6 have led on this and have shared their aims with the whole school. The aims are:

    • Be kind and make someone smile
    • Forgive and move on (we are realistic that sometimes things do go wrong).
    • Promote how kindness is cool

CNCA9271 from claire wood on Vimeo.



Over the next two weeks everyone will be on the lookout to catch people being kind which could result in children gaining kindness points, a kindness star of the week and the opportunity to take part in a community random act of kindness.

We are looking forward to seeing the impact of this project across the school and in the school community by doing just simple things including, holding a door open, saying good morning or giving a compliment.